poet, writer, storyteller

Davi Gray

Human – Poet – Queer
Trans – Nonbinary

People who have been to my readings say…

Poet and writer Davi Gray speaking to Erin Sharkey, artist and writer extraordinaire. In the background, a blurred figure on stage.
Photography by Emily Baxter (this pic & the one above)

About Me

My name is Davi Gray. My pronouns are “they” and “them.” I am a poet, a writer, a storyteller; queer, trans, nonbinary.

I’m living in North Minneapolis, with a mouthful of bitter joy, on these lands formerly – and often still – stewarded by the Dakota, the Ojibwe, and other Native Americans, taken from them not all that long ago. Many live here to this very day, and some of them could use a little help.

Learn more about our home on Native land. (opens in new tab)
Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (opens in new tab)
Native American Community Clinic (opens in new tab)
Minneapolis American Indian Center (opens in new tab)

Words are published all over the world.

Magazines, journals, anthologies. Books. Newspapers. Chapbooks. Flyers. Cards. Bathroom stalls. You name it, there are probably words on it.

Not my words, mostly. Not yet. But look out, world…I’m coming for all that flatness!

Poetry - including poem "The Retreat," by Davi, and photography displayed in the Sidewalk Gallery in downtown Minneapolis.

What I Write

Poetry: Free verse, decidedly unfree verse, forms, chaos, words straddling the lines between.

Prose: Memoir. Essays. Short stories. Blog posts. Website copy. Content.

Am I content? Never.




See The Works of Their Hands…now live!

Next Appearances

Readings, open mics, random shows like lightning from a cloudless blue sky.
(Actually, lightning won’t be listed here. Right place, right time: call it luck.)
See the Events Page for the most up-to-date listing.

7 Dec

Re-Verb Open Mic (Featured: DJ JUST NINE) (6-8 pm)

9 Dec

Aubrey’s Music Studio

Sublime Selections: A December Salon (text me for an invite)

12 Dec

Radical Joy Open Mic

13 Dec

BuckSlam December Poetry Slam (7-10 pm) … probably

13 Dec

Poets & Pints #103 (7-9 pm) … alternate possibility