A double rainbow of composition notebooks, each filled with Davi Gray's writing - poetry, memoir, memories, nightmares, letters to people who will never read them, notes on things that didn't matter or didn't happen.

The Living Works

Poetry, Nonfiction, Fiction published under my name. (Some were originally published under my deadname, but have since been corrected.)

Live Publications – Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction

Anatomy Lessons | RogueAgent (Issue 104, November 2023)

Lightning Rods | PEN AmericaHonorable Mention, Poetry2022 Prison Writing contest

Eugene Cernan, Last Man on the Moon | PEN AmericaHonorable Mention, Poetry2020 Prison Writing Contest

Why I Write | PEN AmericaHonorable Mention, Essay 2020 Prison Writing Contest
Kindly ignore the self-misgendering in the body of the essay…the body of the person was not congruent with the body of the mind.

Time Reversal Invariance | PEN AmericaWinner, 2nd Place, Poetry 2019 Prison Writing Contest

Geode | PEN AmericaWinner, 3rd Place, Edward Bunker Prize, Fiction 2019 Prison Writing Contest

Gravity Makes the Heart Grow Heavy (with video) | Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop

Published Work — not online

In Which She Embarked Upon a Journey | Honorable Mention, 2023 Muriel Craft Bailey Poetry contestThe Comstock Review (Fall/Winter 2023)

Performances (videos)

Now available on the Events page.

The Graveyard

Everything below here was published under my deadname. (About deadnaming: Wikipedia.)

Other Publications Currently Available Online

Yes, I could link them. But I’m not. Because I don’t have to, that’s why. Mind your business.

Disaster Is in the Eye of the Beholder | Poetry (February 2021)
(The Poetry fix is in progress, or so they claim. Slower than molasses in Minnesota winter….)

Time Reversal Invariance, read by Rachel Eliza Griffiths at Break Out: A 2019 PEN America Prison Writing Awards Celebration

Geode, read by Shaun Leonardo at Break Out 2019

The Emptiness of Days | SLANT: A Journal of Poetry (Volume 36.2 — Spring 2022)

The Aftermath; Half Life | The Blotter (April 2022)

Wake Up; Philosopher’s Song; Already Sick and Tired; Doomsday Preppers | Evening Street Press (DIY Reads)

Books You Can Buy That Contain My Work (Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction)

Variations on an Undisclosed Location (2022 Prison Writing Awards Anthology)

Breathe into the Ground (2020 Prison Writing Awards Anthology)

As I Hear the Rain (2019 Prison Writing Awards Anthology) — Moon Palace Books

Flying Kites: Narratives of Prison Literacies in Essays and ArtMoon Palace Books

Selected Other Publications — not online

There are more. Some of them were limited edition or otherwise not generally available.

Elegy for the Sniped | The Comstock Review (Spring/Summer 2022)

Again, Again | SLANT: A Journal of Poetry (Vol. XXXV, 2021)

Only Trying to Help | Blue Collar Review (Vol. 25 Issue 1, Fall 2021)

The Conception | Blue Collar Review (Vol. 24 Issue 4, Summer 2021)

The Tide Comes In | Creosote (Spring 2022 Volume XXI, Number 1)

Falling | Creosote (Spring 2020 Volume XIX, Number 1)

Rest Stop | Muse Literary Journal (Spring 2020)

All Gunwork and No Gunplay Makes Jack a Dull Gunboy | Grasslimb (Vol. 18, No. 1, June 2020)